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QuickInsite Report

QuickInsite Report

Dig deep into the story of your church’s community even without any previous experience with demographic studies. Through this report, you’ll learn more about your community in a way that will help your church better serve its neighbors. You’ll get a colorful 11-page introduction to what makes your area unique, all based upon the 2020 U.S. Census, along with current and 5-year projections for families. 

You’ll get valuable information in two unique formats. StoryView provides nine critical demographic indicators about your community, including population, median income, children’s age, family size, and poverty. Then ThemeView breaks down those demographics into key themes that tell a fuller story of your community

Whether you're new to demographics or just looking for a way to get started on understanding your community better, downloading a QuickInsite helps you take that first important step.

To build your report, you can choose from one of the following four options:

  • Specific Cities
  • Specific Counties
  • Specific Zipcodes
  • Certain Radius from your church

When choosing certain radius from your church, please include the radius as well as the church address.

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